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Welcome to Leanne Sharzer Events...
...where your vision transforms into an extraordinary experience. Specializing in both full-service and a la carte event planning, we offer unparalleled attention to detail, ensuring each event is not only memorable but deeply impactful. With several years experience and a profound commitment to community impact through charity events, Leanne Sharzer stands as a beacon of creativity and dedication in Ottawa’s event planning scene.
What  Sets Us Apart:
• Empathy and Understanding: At the heart of our services lies a profound empathy and understanding of our client's needs. This emotional intelligence allows us to tailor experiences that resonate deeply with both hosts and attendees
.• Creativity and Customization: No two events are the same. We pride ourselves on delivering custom solutions that address the unique challenges and aspirations of each event, ranging from entertainment and technology integration to personalized design and vendor negotiation.
• Community Impact: With a track record of raising significant funds for local charities, our events not only celebrate moments but also create lasting positive impacts.
Our Services:
• Full Event Planning: Dive into comprehensive planning from inception to execution. We handle everything — venue selection, vendor coordination, timeline creation, and day-of event management.
• A La Carte Services: Tailor your experience with our flexible a la carte options. Hire Leanne Sharzer directly for specialized assistance on any aspect of your event at an hourly rate of $40. Services include tailored event consultations, specific event component coordination, and personalized event design guidance.
Time Tracking and Billing Transparency:
• HoneyBook Integration: We use HoneyBook to ensure precise tracking of all planning and coordination activities. This system enhances transparency, allowing both us and our clients to monitor how efforts are allocated.
Billing Structure:
– Initial Deposit: Secure your date and start the planning process with an initial deposit, calculated as 15% of the total estimated cost.
– Monthly Progress Payments: Reflecting the actual number of hours worked, billed at $45 per hour, ensuring transparency and facilitating budget tracking.
– Pre-Event Final Adjustment: Finalize financial obligations before the event, adjusting for actual hours worked versus initial estimates.
Why Choose Leanne Sharzer Events?
Choose us if you value an event planner who goes beyond logistics, engaging deeply to build trust and foster relationships that guarantee a memorable and enjoyable experience for every participant. Our hands-on approach ensures meticulous attention to every detail, from the initial consultation to post-event analysis.
Ready To Make Your Event Unforgetabble?
Contact Leanne Sharzer Events today to discuss your specific needs and discover how we can bring your vision to life with unmatched professionalism and passion.

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